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Sterilising Tools

The health and safety of not only ourselves, but also our clients, is paramount within the beauty industry so when it comes to the cross infection control and sterilisation of our tools we must keep up to date. This has been highlighted been more with the current situation of Covid-19.

A lot of our materials and equipment is or should be single use/disposable.

For example;

  • Mascara wands, micro brushes and remover wands should only be used on one client. Mascara wands can either be given to that client at the end of the session or thrown away. These items should never be used on multiple clients or indeed in the case of lip gloss wands and micro brushes should not be used eye to eye on the same client.

  • Eye pads are also only to be used on one client and should then be deposed of.

  • Glue rings should be replaced every time you renew your adhesive in a session and disposed of once the adhesive has cured fully.

  • Tweezers and mirrors (if metal) should be the only tools you have that require disinfection or sterilisation.

Whats the difference?


Sterilisation is the total destruction of all living micro‐organisms and their spores. A form of sterilisation is to use an autoclave, these are not favoured in the lash industry as they are quite big and bulky therefore take up a lot of space, they are noisy, they require a lot of maintenance and servicing and this is paramount as the unit sterilises using steam under pressure. This equipment can be dangerous if not used or maintained correctly and finally they are very expensive to purchase at close to £2000 per unit for a good one.



Disinfection is the destruction of some, but not all, micro‐organisms and it inhibits their growth. Methods of disinfection include sanitising spray and barbicide. Tweezers can be disinfected using a specifically formulated solution. This is usually done by diluting the solution into a jar and placing tweezers tip down for 20 minutes (make sure you put a few cotton pads in the bottom of the jar to prevent your tips from being damaged), this is known as cold sterilisation. We suggest leaving your tweezers in the solution no longer that 20minutes as the cleansing chemicals we use are quite corrosive and will corrode your tweezers and could effect their precision. Then you take them out make sure you rinse the solution off and dry them thoroughly.

It is also important to disinfect your work surfaces regularly using disinfection wipes or spray.


Here is a link to a FREE certificate designed to present you with the most up to date information on how to correctly sterilise and sanitise as a beauty professional.




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