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Basic Volume Styling Techniques

When thinking about lash styling its important to remember all the basics we learnt whilst doing classic lashes. Below are all the basics to lash styling.

  • Eye styling
  • Lash styling
  • Creating direction
  • Lash correction
  • Building density
  • Stacking & capping
  • Etc.

Do you remember the base of lashes? Well, you can do this with volume too. (If you don't know what the base is let me know and I will cover this too.)

To create density low down for that ‘eyeliner’ look. Here you would use short fans of 9mm-10mm to create base line depth.

Now think back to all the classic techniques that you have learnt, and apply them to your volume lashing.

Can you now see why you need to be a good classic tech before you attempt volume? 

You could be the best technician at producing perfect volume fans but if you can’t style your client correctly then this is going to look awful, lashing and styling go hand in hand. Bad lash styling and great fan work – all you are drawn to is the poor styling. So we need to master all aspects of lashing, if you feel you have gaps in your knowledge there is nothing wrong with going back a step with training and taking a 1-1 mentoring session.


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