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I trained classic and semi permanent eyelashes with Fabulash i cannot recommend Chanelle enough! She was so professional but friendly and down to earth, and really is amazing at what she does. I also buy all my products from Fabulash. It is tricky at the start but i was gave all the confidence and support i need. And now i am doing eyelashes along side university as it is a flexible job and you can pick your hours. Thanks so much 💗💗💗💗

Amazing results


I did the fast track course with Chanelle in December having never done lashes before. After the initial theory and 2 days practical, I was equipped with the knowledge and tools to become a lash tech! Practise makes perfect and constructive feedback is always given! Any questions or queries she is always quick in answering! Wouldn’t recommend anywhere else to train! Loved the whole experience and have loved lashing everyone I have up to now!


Chanelle trained me in Russian Lashes and it's definitely been a game changer. She puts faith in to all her students and her inspiration keeps me motivated. I also buy Fabulash lashes and they fan like a dream! x x x


I trained in classic lashes May 2018, Russian Volume November 2018. Chanelle is an amazing teacher and covers every aspect of lashing! Even after the course is finished you receive on going support from her. I’m so glad I trained in lashes as I have finally found something I am good at .. I wouldn’t be where I am now if I had trained anywhere else and producing work like this! I would deffo recommend Chanelle and would never go anywhere else to train in lashes


I recently did the Fast track course in classic and Russian with Chanelle and Beth. Can I just say they make you feel so welcome, they really do go over and beyond and support you in anything you struggle with. They provide so much advice and top tips to get you started and how to become successful. They provide feedback on everything and thoroughly check your work. They push you to do the best! I genuinely had a laugh on this course and can say it’s 10000% worth every penny you pay. Thankyou so much and I’ll hopefully be back soon to carry out more courses!


This adhesive is an absolute game changer!! I wouldn't use any other adhesive now!


I started using Fabulash Professional Products about a year ago now and I wouldn't use anything else now, the lashes fan super easy, the glue is the best I've ever used, with hardly any odour, the tweezers are amazing! The foam cleanser smells divine! The service and delivery is just the best!! Thank you Fabulash Professional!!