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Taking Photos

It is not enough just to be a good lash tech, but you must also know how to photograph your work and its not easy!

As a beginner I was shocking, my photos were distorted, the lighting was bad,my clients faces look like they had been stretched or disfigured and this was because my angles were wrong.

We all take lash courses, but none of us think about taking the photo which advertises our work, and with so much competition this needs to be perfect!

I am still no expert but I have the basic understanding of how to take a pretty good photo, as well as edit it to enhance the best features of the photo that can be lost when taking it.

I also, even now, look at the photos of lashes I like and see where mine could be improved. Eventually you will find your own technique and style of how you take your photos.

What you will need:
  • A good camera or phone - most of my photos are  taken from my phone.
  • Good lighting – without this you will not capture a good shot (a daylight lamp or ring light)
  • A good set of lashes/nice eye shape – sorry to say, but this will really help sell your work if the client has nice lashes to do your job will be easy, or nice eyes will also help sell the overall photo.

Although good before and afters are great for showing your work too so don't forget to always take the before. When I'm taking my photos I always get a few angles so I can choose my favourite when I have finished the set. 


Would you like to see a video tutorial on this?


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