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Working in a Direction...

There seems so much to think about when applying lashes doesn't there?! But if we break each thing down its should seem a little easier! So after we have mastered application which is a skill in its self we need to think about direction which can also mean a number of things.

The direction of which we work...

Do you have a direction in how you work or do you just apply lashes here and there? I find when doing a set of classic lashes I apply a few to one eye and then the other and just repeat. Whereas when doing a full set of Russian Lashes I definitely work in a direction, which is usually outer corner inwards, but i do also like to cover the few inner lashes first (just because i used to find these little lashes the most tricky so like to get them out of the way). I also usually start on the left eye and then move over to the right.


The Direction of how you place a lash extension/fan...

Do you think about the direction the lash is going to fall when applying the lash?

Every lash we place on will play apart of how the full set looks at the this is so important. Even more so with classic lashes as you can't really disguise anything so that one little lash pointing in the wrong direction can really affect your set. So on most classic sets I personally like to apply my lashes slightly to the left to give that sweeping, winged kind of effect. Although this can changed depending on the clients eye shape and brow space. e.g if i wanted to open the clients eyes up more i would apply the lashes in more of a straight, central direction.

Russian lashes- my direction really does depend on that exact style I want to create. So if I'm wanting to do a feline look I would definitely apply lashes in an angled direction towards the out corner of the eye, if i wanted to do more of a wispy, textured look i would mix my directions up, so the fans kind of cross over each other, so always just think about the look you are wanting to create.


Correcting Direction...

If a clients natural lashes are falling in a different way to how you would like the lashes to fall, Do you correct the direction?

If a clients lash is curling to the right, which is quite common especially on the outer corners where we sleep, I would apply the lash to the right side of the lash to push it back over to the left. This can work for whichever way you need to natural lash to go, you just need counteract it.






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